2.5 x  offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus. It has excellent clear view and great optical capability to provide the operator with the optimal magnification while providing extended field of view.



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3x is designed for persons that need more magnification, it also offers comfortable frames with adjustable gel nose bridge.

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 3.5x is the highest power magnification available in Galilean loupes, and is lightweight while providing clear and precise field of view.

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Item 250S, 250R, 250L, 250XL 300S, 300R, 300L, 300XL 350S, 350R, 350L, 350XL
Power 2.5X 3.0X  3.5X
Working distance 340mm(S),420mm(R), 340mm(S),420mm(R), 340mm(S),420mm(R),
  500mm(L),550mm(XL) 500mm(L),550mm(XL) 500mm(L),550mm(XL)
Depth of view 80mm (S); 90mm (R); 60mm (S); 80mm (R); 60mm (S); 80mm (R); 
  110mm (L);120mm(XL) 90mm (L); 100mm(XL) 90mm (L);100mm(XL)
Field of View 90mm (S); 100mm (R); 60mm (S); 80mm (R); 55mm (S); 60mm (R); 
  110mm (L);120mm(XL) 90mm (L); 100mm(XL) 65mm (L); 70mm(XL)
Weight  42g 48g  52g
Frames Ni-alloy or Titanium Ni-alloy or Titanium Ni-alloy or Titanium